Discussion Forum
The forum on this site is moderated and operates on a real name basis with people encouraged to show mutual respect to each other. This is unlike the "anything goes" of other on-line newsgroup. It will take some time for a community of regular users to build up and make the group very active but when it does it should become an indispensable place for sharing local information. Help get it started by posting a message on a local matter.

Local Government
Our Councils page will give a brief introduction to local government and council tax in . Councillors for the area will be listed, as well as the most recent election results.

Schools in Wandsworth

Faith in Wandsworth
We will carry a full listing of places of worship.

Local issues

This site has no editorial line and is open to those who want to express any legally acceptable view on local issues. The only bias this site has is towards people who make written contributions to it. If you feel that it is biased against your point of view there is nothing to stop you expressing it on this site. We are generally more than happy to publish articles by local people on local issues.

Sports Clubs in Wandsworth