What Has Happened In Wandsworth Town?

* Southfields Man Guilty Of Rape & Robbery *
thanks to the sharp eyes of a Safer Neighbourhood Constable

* West Hill SNT Newsletter *
Find out what the team has been up to and get Crime Prevention Advice

* The New Thames Tunnel - Blight or Blessing? *
Thames Water provides project's historic and technical background

* West Hill Drugs Raid *
leads to discovery of cannabis and cocaine

* Want to recommend a local pub or restaurant to your neighbours? *
Use the feedback and star rating system on the new services directory

* MoD Squatters Gone - But At A Price!*
Costs of eviction from Williams Gardens estimated around #10,000

* 2 Men, A Van, Some TVs And A Car Park *
Have you been done? Don't be fooled!

* More Trains Less Planes *
Conservatives propose high-speed rail links in place of 3rd runway at Heathrow

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