Special Screenings For Disabled Film Fans

People with learning disabilities can now go to special cinema screenings

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For information on other help available to people with learning disabilities, contact the Wandsworth Community Learning Disability Team on 020 8700 0450 or go to www.mylifemyworld.info

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The council’s adult social services department has been working with Cineword to organise the screenings, which started with the Disney film Bolt on March 2.

People with learning disabilities often find the light too low and the volume too high at standard screenings. They may also not realise that they have to stay still and quiet.

In the special screenings low-level lighting is kept on in the auditorium, the soundtrack is turned down slightly, and there is a more tolerant attitude if people want to chat, move around or sing along to music.

Mark Honan, manager of the council’s Better Days project for people with learning disabilities, said the Better Days strategy aimed to find ways to increase people’s choices and opportunities, especially out in the community.

“These special screenings are a valuable stop along the way. Once our clients become more used to the cinema environment, and gain an understanding of appropriate audience behaviour, the hope is that some of them will develop the confidence and independence to attend mainstream scheduled cinema screenings.”

Hencok Osei-Kissi, general manager at Cineworld, said:
“We are delighted to be working with the council's Better Days project to reach disabled people and their families by providing them with the opportunity to enjoy the cinema experience'.

There will be regular screenings every two months or so. The showings are open to all adults with learning disabilities, including those who do not attend the council’s day care services. To find out more call Mark Honan on 020 8871 7779.

March 3, 2009