Royal College Of Art Offers Bursaries To Young Local Artists

Teaming up with Wandsworth Artists' Open House for the first time

Wandsworth Artists' Open House is, for the first time, teaming up with the Royal College of Art to offer five bursaries to young artists and makers aged 16 to 25 who want to take part.

Recipients of the bursaries will also receive three mentoring sessions with one of RCA’s reputable specialists, and receive help in finding a venue to show their work.

The Wandsworth Artists' Open House is an annual event for local artists to share their talent with their community, sell their work, and meet like-minded arts enthusiasts.

If you are a young artist based in Wandsworth who wants to try for one of the bursaries, find out more here

And all local creatives of any age - whether you’re a painter, sculptor or potter, make jewellery, prints, or anything in between - can find out more about 2018 Wandsworth Artists’ Open House here

May 18, 2018