Local Mums Aim To Ease Financial Strain Of A New Baby

Baby Jumble holds its first sale on September 7th

In these cash-strapped times, the cost of a new baby can have young families looking for the fastest route out of London in an effort to make ends meet.  A new arrival can bring untold joy and happiness, but they can also bring serious financial strain.
Two new mums and borough residents, Jenny Syddall and Faye Hamilton-Martin, know all about this, having experienced the financial struggles first hand. To help other new parents, they were inspired to set up Baby Jumble, a series of nearly new baby sales where thrifty London parents can pick up clothes and supplies for their newborn at a fraction of the usual price.
Jenny said: “We worked out that the cost of buying essential items for a newborn can range from £1,800 to £2,500, which is before you add on the price of nappies and clothes. And, as babies grow out of things almost as quickly as they grow into them, you end up with piles of almost unused clothes and equipment. That’s when we came up with the idea of Baby Jumble – events where parents can buy and sell good quality baby items. It helps parents save some money, clears some space at home and encourages the re-use of items, which is great for our carbon footprint.”
Entrance to the sales is just £2 per family, with 25% going to Wandsworth Oasis, the local charity supporting people in Wandsworth affected by HIV. Tables at the sale are available online at www.babyjumble.com for a set price of £25 (with a few early bird tables at £20), with sellers keeping their full takings on the day. There will also be a ‘leave behind’ service where sellers are welcome to donate any leftover items to Wandsworth Oasis at the end of the sale.
Jenny added: “For us, Baby Jumble is about more than just baby sales. The arrival of a new baby can be a bewildering experience, and it can take time to meet other mums. We see Baby Jumble as a way of fostering a network of like-minded Londoners who are all embarking on family life in the city. We are active bloggers and have a very lively Twitter and Facebook page, where we share reviews and information we find useful. We welcome guest bloggers to www.babyjumble.com and are keen to link up with other networks of London mums.”

The launch event is at York Gardens Library, Lavendar Road, Battersea on Saturday September 7.

July 4, 2013