Regretting A Tattoo Or Plastic Surgery?

New Channel 4 series looking for recruits

Remarkable Television (producers of The Million Pound Drop, Supersize v Superskinny, Secret Eaters and Snog Marry Avoid) are currently in production for ‘Undo Me’ which is due to air on Channe l4 this Autumn and is fronted by Katie Piper.

The 6 x 1 hours will feature people who have made beauty and image decisions which they now regret and are looking to ‘Undo’! From large breast implants, terrible or funny tattoos to alternative types with multiple facial piercings, earplugs and out there hair...the series will meet people from all walks of life with all sort of reasons for reversals. The three key types of transformation stories they are looking for are:
· Tattoo tabloid tales – People with face, neck, hand tattoos...funny or shocking tattoos in places it’s difficult to hide - like the girl who had stars tattoo’d all over her face or the girl who asked for a portrait of Marilyn and ended up with something that she described as more like a blow up doll...

· Alternative Stories – any Goths, Punks, Cyber Goths, Cyber Punks, Ravers ie. people into a sub-culture who now feel trapped under the trappings of their look and want to go back to natural.

· Beauty Obsessives – people that have gone too far with their desired look – this could be very large breast augmentations, over- fillered lips, severe-looking semi-permanent makeup, hair extensions galore. They want to hear from people who thought bigger and bolder was better, but now want to ‘Undo’ it all.  

The series looks at the reasons and motivations for having stuff ‘done’ and features highly- experienced surgeons and clinicians reversing beauty decisions.


July 26, 2013