Local Dog Dies Of Alabama Rot

Dog walkers advised to look for symptoms of mysterious disease

The Wimbledon & Putney Commoners have confirmed that a case of “Alabama Rot” has killed a local dog. It is not known where the dog contracted the disease as it was walked in various locations.

What is CRGV?
CRGV is a disease caused by damage to blood vessels of the skin and kidney. It causes tiny blood clots to form in the blood vessels which blocks them and can ultimately lead to damage of the affected tissue. In the skin, this causes ulceration; however, in the kidney it can lead to severe organ dysfunction (kidney failure).

On their website the WPCC state:
" We have been advised by a local veterinary practice that the suspected case of CRGV, or “Alabama Rot”, in a local dog has been confirmed. However, as the dog was also walked in other local parks and open spaces, it is still not certain that the disease is here on the Commons.

They continue:
" The causes of the disease, and how it is contracted, are not yet understood but given its potential seriousness, we would encourage dog owners and walkers to be aware of the symptoms and, if at all concerned, to seek veterinary advice as soon as possible".

The symptoms to look out for are:
* unexplained redness, sores or swellings anywhere on the body
* unexplained lesions or wounds, particularly on lower limbs but also on the chest or in the mouth.
* severe depression, loss of appetite and vomiting.

Further information can be found on the website of the vets leading investigations into the disease Anderson Moores

April 27, 2016