Car Clubs: Use Them? Love Them Or Hate Them?

The Council want to know your views for university research

Car clubs enable people to use cars on a pay-as-you-go basis. Wandsworth has the highest car club membership in London and several clubs operate in the borough using dedicated on-street parking bays provided by the council.

Researcher Roisin Naughton from the University of Birmingham is finding out if car clubs appeal to older people and people with families, as well as to young people. The research will include a set of recommendations on how car clubs can be marketed to these groups.

Roisin’s research uses Wandsworth as a case study, and the results will feed into the council’s policy of encouraging the use of car clubs.

Wandsworth Council’s transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said:
“We encourage car clubs because the easier it is for residents to use them, the less likely they are to own a car – helping to reduce the amount of vehicles on our streets. This research will give us useful information on what the potential barriers might be to their use, enabling us to work to overcome them.”

People who are not currently a member of a car club are asked to take a ten-minute online survey. Responses will be reported anonymously and although quotes may be used in the final research paper, they will not be attributed.

Take the survey online.

July 21, 2016