Wandsworth Car Club Shifts Into Top Gear

With plans to offer greater choice with 3 different car club companies

Thousands more Wandsworth residents could have a hire car on their doorstep following an almost five-fold leap in the number of on-street bays.

A recent survey by the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) shows the average car club vehicle replaces at least 12 privately owned cars. The Council plans to increase the number of parking spaces reserved exclusively for car club vehicles from 31 to 150 goes before the council executive on January 31. If approved, the new bays would be in place by the summer.

In March 2007 the council teamed up car club company Streetcar and introduced on-street hire cars. Since then more bays have gradually been introduced and the number of Wandsworth club members has rocketed from 1,750 to well over 10,000.

The new bays will help keep pace with demand and expand the scheme into new parts of the borough, bringing many more households within a short walk of a hire vehicle.

If approved, the on-street bays will be managed by up to three different car club operators to give residents greater choice and to introduce a competitive dynamic to the service.

Even more bays could be introduced over time depending on demand and how well each operator performs.

Transport spokesman Cllr Ravi Govindia said:
"This scheme offers drivers an environmentally friendly and cost effective alternative to owning a car. It’s proved incredibly popular and this extra investment will bring even more households within a short walk of a club vehicle.

"As the scheme expands it helps to reduce pressure on parking spaces, ease traffic congestion, cut exhaust emissions and saves our residents money. It’s also an excellent way of cutting your household’s carbon footprint.”

Club members can book a vehicle online or over the phone. Cars can be hired for as little as half an hour before being returned to the same spot for the next user.

What are Car Clubs?

A car club provides its members with quick and easy access to a car for short term hire.

Members can make use of car club vehicles as and when they need them.


  • Book - for as little as half an hour at a time, using telephone or internet. The booking can be made well ahead of time or with a few minutes notice.

  • Unlock  - cars are located at designated parking bays in the local area and accessed using the member’s smart card

  • Drive – Once inside the driver enters a pin and drives away, returning the car at the end of the journey. It is possible to extend the booking if necessary

  • Pay  - Pay-as-you-go charges include fuel and maintenance costs. A subscription charge is paid monthly or annually. 


January 19, 2011

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To find your nearest car or to become a member visit www.streetcar.co.uk or call 0845 644 8475.
For details of other car clubs in south west London visit www.carclubs.org.uk

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