"Come Together And Put A Stop To Hate Crime"

Assembly Member Leonie Cooper urges Londoners to remain open and tolerant

It’s time that London’s communities came together and put a stop to rising hate crime in the capital.

London is an open and tolerant city. Meeting people from all backgrounds, from all parts of the world, every day is what I love most about our city. But we have to remember that these values of openness and tolerance were hard won over many years of campaigning.

It is a sad fact that there has been a shocking rise in hate crime since the Brexit vote. This is down to a minority of individuals using this uncertain time to push back against the tolerance that we have fought for with vile racism. We must, as Londoners, stand together and protect our city. This is why I am fully supporting Mayor Sadiq Khan’s call to all Londoners to report hate crime either to the police or to a third party like True Vision.

The message is clear: if we experience hate crime we must report it, if we see a hate crime we must report it.

We have to fight to keep London the open and tolerant city that we love.


Leonie Cooper AM
Labour London Assembly Member for Merton and Wandsworth

July 14, 2016