Assembly Member Leonie Cooper Welcomes #giveupyourgun Amnesty

Figures show 108% increase in gun crimes in Wandsworth borough in 2016

The Metropolitan Police has launched a #giveupyourgun campaign as part of weeklong firearm surrender. The campaign will give people in Wandsworth the opportunity to safely dispose of firearms, imitation weapons or ammunition without having to give their details to police. The most recent figures show gun crime in Wandsworth is up by 108%. Local London Assembly Member Leonie Cooper described the amnesty as playing a ‘vital’ role in the fight against gun crime.

Figures obtained from the Metropolitan Police show there were 75 gun crimes committed in Wandsworth in 2016, up from 36 in 2015, one of the biggest jumps in the capital. Across London, there were 420 more gun crimes in the last year – an increase of 22%.

The campaign, which is part of the Met’s ongoing work to reduce gun crime and remove illegal weapons from the streets of London, began on Monday, 6 February and runs until 2300hrs on Sunday, 12 February. Firearms and ammunition can be taken to Lavender Hill Police Station, which is open 24 hours a day.

Since the launch of the campagin on Monday, 6 February, 45 weapons have so far been handed in, including shotguns, revolvers, rifles and handguns

Local Labour London Assembly Member Leonie Cooper AM said:
“It is extremely worrying to see gun crime going up in Wandsworth and across the capital. Every single incident brings misery to the individuals involved, and to their friends and families.

“I would urge anyone reading this who is in possession of a firearm – or knows someone who is – to hand it in at Lavender Hill Police Station. You won’t have to leave your details, and you’ll help to make our community safer.

“Gun crime is a serious problem in our city, and schemes like this are vital to tackling it.”

Detective Chief Superintendent Jim Stokley, of the Met's Trident and Area Crime Command, said:
"We've had a good response from the public in the first three days of the gun surrender. As a result, a number of dangerous guns have been taken off the streets of London. I would urge anyone else who is in possession of an illegal firearm to visit their local 24-hour police station during the final days of the campaign."

"If you hold on to an illegal gun, you are putting yourself and your loved ones in danger and you are likely to be arrested and face at least five years in jail."

February 10, 2017