Mini Golf Comes To Wandsworth Park

Council announces 12 hole course

Families visiting Wandsworth Park will soon be able to enjoy a round of mini-golf on a course that’s being constructed next door to the park’s café.

The new 12 hole course is being added to the list of the park’s attractions after the council gave the cafe’s proprietor permission to open it.

The dozen putting greens, which are scheduled to open later this month, are being built on the site of a disused bowling green that closed in 2004 after bowling facilities in nearby King George’s Park were refurbished and upgraded. It has lain unused since then.

As part of the negotiations, the cafe’s proprietor has also agreed to reopen and maintain the toilets in the adjacent former clubhouse and these will now be available for use by all park visitors at no additional cost to taxpayers.

The council’s leisure spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “This is a great new attraction for people visiting the park and is bound to prove hugely popular. Mini golf is a big hit with people of all ages, especially families with young children.

“As well as providing the public with an enjoyable new reason to visit the park, this is also good news for council taxpayers. It will generate additional income for the town hall while the park will also benefit from new public toilet facilities that are being provided at no cost to the council.”

June 12, 2013