Lotus Driver 2.5 Times Over The Legal Limit

Deputy Coroner described his death on Putney Hill as "a particularly tragic case"

Last week the Coroner at Westminster Coroner's Court recorded that Andrew Zydlo, who lived in Swanton Gardens, Southfields, "died of multiple injuries and died as the result of a traumatic road death".

The report showed him to be two-and-a-half times over the drink-drive limit with tranquillisers in his bloodstream.  Mr Zydlo died at the scene in Putney having sustained multiple injuries, including a fractured skull having turned his yellow Lotus car when it hit the central reservation.

His mother who lived with her son had alerted the police on the night as he had forced her to give him his keys despite having drunk too much - Halina Zydlo was concerned not only because of the amount her son had drunk but also because Mr Zydlo had suffered with drink and drug problems along with mental health issues in the past.

The police radio call was responded to by two officers who saw the car speeding down Putney Hill.  The officers saw the car rush past by the time they had turned their car to try and stop Mr Zydlo the Lotus was no longer on the road but in the air. 

Mr Zydlo was thrown from his car and Dr Peter Wilkins, who compiled the post-mortem report, said his injuries were so severe doctors would have been unable to save him.

The Met carried out an investigation following the crash to see if there was a link between the crash and the officers' actions - none was found.


April 18, 2011