Do You Live In A Place With 'Elm' In Its Name?

If you do, would you like a special tree?

Next year, to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and its own 30th anniversary, The Conservation Foundation is offering an elm sapling to Londoners who live in a place with 'elm' in its name and somewhere suitable to plant it!

A short film has been produced to spread the word and can be seen at .

Anyone who lives in Elm Park, Elm Court, Elmwood, Elm Grove, Elm Avenue and so on and would like to receive a very special tree in 2012 is invited to register their interest by emailing with Ulmus londinium in the subject line.

The elm plantings are part of Ulmus londinium The Conservation Foundation’s  multi media programme featuring the heritage of London’s international elm population. It also includes a survey* of London’s elms and an education programme to record the uses and heritage of elms in the capital – from the first water pipes to furniture, lock gates, bridges and coffins.

The Ulmus londinium elms come from the Foundation’s Great British Elm Experiment, a national project which provides young trees propagated from mature, healthy elms around the UK and involves hundreds of schools, community groups and individuals all over the country. The London saplings are being grown on now at an elm nursery which has been set up at the Lambeth environmental and educational charity Roots and Shoots.

Ulmus londinium is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Ernest Cook Trust.

*Anyone who knows of an elm within the M25 is invited to record it on the Natural History Museum’s online map by following the Urban Tree Survey links at

September 8, 2011