'Fat cat' salary puts Wandsworth Chief Executive in top 3

Gerald Jones earning over £40,000 more than the Prime Minister

Gerald Jones the chief executive & Director of Administration for Wandsworth County Council is one of the top three "fat cat" officials earning more than £100,000 a year, according to a new list.

Mr Jones 's annual salary of £227,424 puts him in third position in the list - his annual pay packet is £40,995 more than Prime Minister Tony Blair.

The Taxpayers' Alliance hit out at the "insult" of high salaries at local authorities across the UK as it published a "rich list" of senior staff it says is being funded by Council Tax hikes.

Taxpayers' Alliance chairman Andrew Allum said: "Thousands of pensioners are having to choose between heating their homes and paying their Council Tax bills. It's a complete insult to their dignity that so much of their money goes down the drain on top salaries for council staff."

The average Council Tax rise in England and Wales is expected to be 4.2 per cent this year - the second lowest since 1994-5. The rise recently set by Wandsworth Council is 4.9 per cent.

March 16, 2007