Don't Miss Out On Your Green Deal

Get cash from the fund to make your home warmer

Applications open today for the latest round of funding from the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund. The fund can be used towards making energy-saving home improvements, including up to 67 per cent off the cost of installing solid wall insulation.

You can also get up to £1,250 towards the cost of installing any two of the following:

  • a condensing gas boiler on mains gas
  • double or triple glazing as a replacement for single glazing
  • secondary glazing
  • energy efficient replacement external doors
  • cavity wall insulation
  • floor insulation
  • flat-roof insulation
  • insulating a loft conversion
  • a replacement warm air unit
  • fan-assisted storage heaters
  • a waste water heat recovery system – this recovers the heat from water your bath or shower sends down the plughole and uses it to heat incoming mains water.

You can get up to £500 more if you apply within 12 months of buying a home.

To quaMarch 18, 2015ergy Performance Certificate (EPC) that is less than two years old, which recommends the improvements you are applying for. Other terms and conditions apply.

You can apply for the GDHIF if you’re a homeowner, landlord or a tenant in social or private rented housing.

Laura Polglase of Putney based Eco-Renovate said: "It is very easy to get an EPC done on your property. Our clients have told us that they have found it really useful to find out which improvements can make their homes warmer and more comfortable. However, you do need to apply quickly for the GDHIF as the money does run out."

The housing spokesman for Wandsworth Council, Paul Ellis said: “We’re keen to make sure everyone who could benefit from this gets their claim in. It will help make homes more energy efficient, save money on energy bills and put extra cash in the pockets of our residents.“

For more information and details on how to apply, visit

March 17, 2015