What Do Justine Greening, Boris Johnson & Alex Salmond Have In Common?

Their response rate to emails according to recent survey

In a recent survey by www.writetothem.com regarding MPs' responses to emails, local MP Justine Greening appears level at a 19% response rate with Alex Salmond and Boris Johnson, but better than Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn who had a response rate of 14%.

Last year Ms Greening had a 34% response rate. Neighbouring MP Zac Goldsmith’s rate is far higher at 81%, down 3% on the past year. The highest response rate was 96% from Jason McCartney Conservative MP for Colne Valley and the poorest performer was David Burrowes the Conservative MP for Enfield, Southgate. Ten MPs have not been analysed for various reasons.

Justine Greening told this website,“Although I can’t speak for how other MPs’ offices deal with their casework, all the correspondence I receive from my constituents gets a personal reply from me as their local MP, often by letter, and of course a significant proportion of my casework is done face to face at my weekly surgeries which also would not be reflected in these statistics.”

June 15, 2016