Local Residents Set For Increase In Aircraft Noise

BAA announces six week suspension of runway alternation at Heathrow

BAA announced recently that some essential work will be taking place on the northern runway at Heathrow for a six week period beginning on 13th September. For safety reasons, the runway alternation system will be suspended during this time.

This means that when the airport is on westerly operations (when the wind is coming from the west, with aircraft coming in to land over London and take-off towards Windsor), Heathrow will use the southern runway for the majority of arrivals and the northern runway for departures.

As a result, people living under the arrivals flight path for the southern runway will not have the usual half-day respite from noise.

BAA wanted to convey their apologies to all those affected and to reassure them that they would not suspend runway alternation if there was any other alternative.

Local MP Mary Macleod commented, “This will be a real issue to local residents living under the eastern flight path. The loss of the half-day respite from aircraft noise, even for six weeks, will cause distress to those affected, especially during the summer months when people want to spend more time outdoors. I will be insisting to BAA that they keep to their projected schedule and that runway alternation is reinstated immediately after the work has been completed.”

September 4, 2010