BA Chief Willie Walsh Rules out Third Runway

BAA looking isolated in its support for airport expansion

British Airways chief Willie Walsh told a major conference at the end of November that he did not believe a third runway at Heathrow would ever be built and that his company was basing its future plans on that belief by buying slots from other airlines at Heathrow and expanding its operations in Madrid.

Willie Walsh told the conference organized by British Airways that it is “my personal belief that a third runway will never be built” and that “we are planning for life without it.”  He also said he was opposed to mixed-mode at Heathrow.

Walsh argued that a completely new airport “couldn’t be afforded”.

HACAN chair John Stewart, who was at the conference, said, “It was quite clear that Willie Wash has ruled out a third runway at Heathrow.  It leaves BAA, now known as Heathrow Airport, looking increasingly isolated in its support for a third runway.

December 11, 2012