Could You Help Local Children Become Confident Readers?

Learn to Love to Read is looking for volunteers from SW15, SW18 and SW19 areas

Do you love settling down with a good book? Perhaps you are a member of a book club? Or perhaps you enthusiastically consume a newspaper or a magazine? Imagine for a moment what life is like if you can't read.

You miss out on more than just books and magazines. If you can't read competently, you can't check your emails, access websites or even choose from a menu. As a child struggling with reading you fall behind because you can’t understand your textbooks or the questions in exams, and you make excuses or mess around to cause a distraction when teachers ask someone to read aloud in class. As a parent who can’t read, you can't help your child with their homework. You can’t even understand the texts from your child's school or the instructions on their medication. The list goes on ...

Did you know that 25% of children left primary school in 2018 unable to read at the expected level?

Wandsworth based literacy charity, Learn to Love to Read, works with local primary schools to support children who are finding learning to read difficult. We want all children to have positive, frequent reading experiences and to be enabled and empowered by learning to love to read. Our trained volunteers deliver valuable one-to-one literacy sessions in 6 Wandsworth primary schools. We work with whole families so that parents can provide more reading support at home. Our toddler sessions help prepare children to read at school. Our work not only improves reading, it builds confidence, widens vocabulary and inspires a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

We need more volunteers to help in schools in Southfields, Putney, Tooting and Roehampton. Volunteers need to be available one afternoon a week during term time, usually between the hours of 1pm and 3pm. All training and ongoing support is provided by Learn to Love to Read.
“Volunteering with Learn to Love to Read is the highlight of my week”

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Becoming a confident reader will change a child's life. We would be very grateful if you could join with us in helping more children learn to love to read.


June 21, 2019