Bumpy Start For New Online Parking Permits Portal

Residents put on hold or unable to get through and pre purchased credits invisible

The Council has now launched its new online parking permits portal having taken down the old system at the end of last week.

However residents are reporting teething trouble as previously purchased permits are not showing and the help line has been inundated and unable to manage.

One forum member posted: "It has lost any record of our credits; we bought 10 days' worth on 27 April and will have used 3 at most, but the remaining 7 have been swallowed by the system. Where are they, and have we lost them? We tried ringing the "helpline"; it rang for 10 minutes with no answer before, finally, a recorded message said the number was unavailable."

A resident also told this site that when they logged on, similar to the problem posted above, the pre purchased and pre allocated paperless passes were not showing - after 40 minutes on hold, they got through to a helpful member of staff who assured them the permits were still there: "Really helpful member of staff but 40 minutes of my life I can't get back!".

Another member posted: "Repeatedly tried to login using their instructions. Did not work. No information in the email on who to contact to get help or to complain."

A spokesperson for the Council told this website: “We have just introduced a new online parking system which is designed to let residents manage all their resident and visitor permit transactions more simply and easily. Before the switch was made we sent out emails to more than 37,000 existing permit holders to advise them of the change and what they needed to do to access the new system.

"It’s fair to say that some people have encountered difficulties using the new system and we would like to apologise for this. We have been working hard to iron out these glitches but if people do encounter any future problems they should email parkingsystemenquiries@richmondandwandsworth.gov.uk."

May 25, 2018