Last But Not Least… RHN #IceBucketChallenge

End of the week… End of the Challenge

To mark the end of the week that will surely bring the huge #IceBucketChallenge to a close, Steve Thomas, Mansour Turki and Louis Ballaram, who all live with Motor Neuron Disease, remind us why we’ve been partaking in such lunacy in the first place.

Steve, Mansour and Louis, who live at London charity the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (RHN) and receive round-the-clock care, nominated staff at the RHN to take up the challenge. They thought what better way to end the week? Steve and Mansour even got in on the action themselves.

Hear from Steve, Mansour and Louis before seeing the challenge here:

It’s not too late to donate:
+ To give to the RHN visit
+ To give to the Motor Neuron Disease Association, text ICED55 followed by an amount (e.g. £5) to 70070

September 4, 2014