RHN Challenges Interior Design Students

KLC School of Design students to come up with concepts for areas within the hospital

As part of ongoing redevelopment plans, the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability (RHN) board challenged Interior Design students at the KLC School of Design in Chelsea Harbour to come up with concepts for redesigning several areas within the hospital to create a more homely environment for patients and families, while considering the building’s original Victorian features.

The project includes a communal relaxation area, a space overlooking the hospital’s landscaped gardens, stunning views and a shop. The shop will cater for the 220 patients/residents and families, as well as the 650 staff. It will be located within the main thoroughfare of the building selling daily essentials such as milk, bread and newspapers alongside gifts and cards. The RHN would love to be able to stock items that have a link back to the local community.

Music therapy at the RHN

The RHN is an independent charity hospital located on West Hill and has been part of the Putney community since 1863. The RHN cares for people with significant brain injuries and those living with long-term conditions such as Huntington’s disease. The hospital relies on donations to provide additional services and therapies, and this year has a huge fundraising target of £3.4 million.

May 31, 2019