Can You Help Stock The Sleigh?

RSPCA launches festive appeal to provide vital care for neglected, abused and suffering animals

The RSPCA launched its 2018 Christmas appeal asking animal lovers to help Stock the Sleigh with vital items to make the festive season happy, healthy and safe for thousands of animals.

Last year during the festive month (1-31 Dec), the charity received 4,793 calls in London to its 24-hour cruelty hotline with concerns about animals in distress.

During December, the RSPCA also took in nearly 5,500 animals and gave them a warm bed, food, veterinary care and the care and attention they desperately needed, as well as continuing to look after thousands of animals already in their care.

Last Christmas Day, 77 cats were being looked after at RSPCA Southall in London, while staff at the Putney and Harmsworth hospitals continued to work 24 hours a day tending to sick and injured animals.

This year, the charity’s inspectors will be out 24/7 rescuing animals from pets to livestock to wildlife in all weathers but for many animals brought to safety it is just the start of a long road to recovery and a new life.

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Many animals spend weeks, months, and sometimes years in our care getting vet treatment, rehabilitation, training, socialisation, food, warmth, and anything else they need to go on to live a happy healthy life but we can only do that with generous support from the public.

It costs more than £750,000 on average to run an animal centre for a year and animal lovers can help us provide that vital care by donating to us and helping us to deliver kindness to animals this Christmas.

Here are a few of the things you can do to help the animals in their care:
• £3 can pay for a toy for a pet in our care
• £6 would help feed a dog for a week over Christmas
• £7 could give the gift of comfort help keep animals cosy with a warm blanket
• £12 could give a gift of comfort to help provide a warm blanket, tasty treats and a toy
• £24.50 could give a gift of safety to help answer and respond to call about an animal in distress and provide a safe bed
• £48 could give a gift of care to help pay for veterinary care, hydration and medicines

People can give gifts of care, safety and comfort to desperate animals this Christmas by stocking the RSPCA’s virtual sleigh at

November 30, 2018