Seasonal Rubbish & Recycling Dates

Changes to the usual collection dates over Christmas & New Year plus Christmas Trees

Changes have been made to the scheduled collection of rubbish and recycyling:

Normal collection date Revised collection date 
Monday 25th December Tuesday 26th
Tuesday 26th Wednesday 27th
Wednesday 27th Thursday 28th
Thursday 28th Friday 29th
Friday 29th Saturday 30th
Monday 1st January Tuesday 2nd January
Tuesday 2nd Wednesday 3rd
Wednesday 3rd Thursday 4th
Thursday 4th Friday 5th
Friday 5th Saturday 6th

What can be recycled?

Wrapping paper (except the metallic kind - Test if your wrapping paper is metallic or paper by scrunching it up. If it stays scrunched, it’s paper), Christmas cards (without glitter on) and bottles and jars can all be recycled, as can:

• Wine bottles
• Christmas pudding and cream pots (rinsed)
• Ice cream tubs
• Cranberry sauce jars
• Drinks cans

The cardboard from present packaging can be recycled, but do not recycle plastic shrinkwrap, tin foil, bubble wrap or polystyrene – put these items in with general rubbish.

Christmas Trees:
When to leave your Christmas tree out

Trees will be collected on scheduled refuse and recycling collection days between Thursday 4 January and Wednesday 17 January 2018.

Households receiving individual dustbin/sack based waste collection services will have their Christmas trees collected on the same day as their rubbish and clear recycling sacks. However, the collection will not occur at the same time as a different collection vehicle is used for the trees to ensure that they are kept separate for composting.

Where to leave your Christmas tree
If you have a front garden - Place your tree alongside your dustbins and recycling sacks inside your garden.
If you do not have a front garden - Place your tree on the pavement directly in front of your home if your front door opens directly onto it. However, do not do this before 6.30pm on the day before the collection is due. Place your tree near your rubbish bin, making sure you do not obstruct access to it if your rubbish goes in large, communal wheeled bins.

Christmas tree dumping

Leaving Christmas trees on the pavement in contravention of the above advice is fly-tipping. This is a criminal offence which may result in a fine or prosecution.

December 19, 2017