Good Old Giggle One of Life's Simple Pleasures

What makes you happiest?

The best things in life are the simplest – and when it comes to enjoying simple pleasures it seems that, for many Brits, nothing beats a good old giggle.

In an independent poll undertaken by Vision Critical for Apples from New Zealand, British consumers were asked to name the simple things that make life more pleasurable. In an increasingly complicated and stressful world, we always seem to be looking for ways to re-connect with what really matters and the research confirms that people place the highest value on the least materialistic options – family, friends and the beauty of nature are the things which make us happiest.  

22% of us chose laughter as our most important simple pleasure, whether that be sharing a good laugh with our best mates or catching a top comedian’s tour.  Immediately behind that, was sharing great food with great friends (21%). We love to sit, eat, drink and talk around a table and it’s even better enjoyed out in the fresh air. In third place, according to those taking part in the poll, was receiving a hug (19%).

The top ten simple pleasures are:

Laughing (22%), Sharing great food with great friends (21%), Receiving a hug (19%), feeling the warmth of the sun on your face (10%), Taking time out with a good book (8%), walking on the beach (7%), lying in freshly laundered sheets (5%), watching a spectacular sunset (3%), reminiscing over old photographs (3%), catching the smell of freshly cut grass (1%).

The poll was commissioned by Apples from New Zealand, whose growers are dedicated to sharing simple pleasures like taking a moment to eat an apple.  

In addition to the top ten, people also voted for:

Peeling an apple in a single strip

Listening to bird song

Having a lie-in

Playing with children

Eating the first harvest from your garden

The smell and feel of a sea breeze

Peace and quiet

‘Me’ time

A common courtesy

Soaking in a hot bath

The smell of freshly baked bread

Listening to good music

Playing with a puppy

Paddling at the beach

Waking up on a sunny day

Being loved

Unexpected phone calls from old friends


Reading a story with my child

Walking or cycling in the countryside

Staring at the night sky

Seeing bluebells

A stranger sharing a smile

Being greeted by the family pet

Drinking tea from fine china

Bobbing about on a lilo in the sea

Walking on wet grass

Leaving the office when it’s still light outside

Making the first footprints on snow

Jumping through a sprinkler/fountain

Seeing last year’s bulbs coming up again

Getting a drawing from your child

Having a massage from your partner

Licking the mixing bowl

Seeing the new autumn leaves

Being tickled


June 3, 2011