Fix My Transport: Now Ready for Boarding

New project to fix UK Transport launched.

Fix My Transport was officially launched today, a service which makes it easy to report problems with any kind of public transport, anywhere in the UK. It’s taken 18 months - hardly surprising when you consider that the site covers the whole of Great Britain, with over 300,000 bus and train stops, stations and routes represented.

FixMyTransport sends your report off to the transport operators, at the same time publishing it online. It then provides various tools to help you get problems resolved even if the operator is not immediately responsive.

There’s even the option of starting a campaign to which other people who feel strongly about the same issue can add their name.FixMyTransport also has a fully-functional mobile website to its name, something that seems crucial for a site that’s all about travel.

Please spread the word among friends and family, especially if they suffered from bank holiday travel chaos. The website say: first, sympathise - then, send them the web address


September 3, 2011