TfL Warn Passengers To Avoid 'Card Clash'

As contactless payments launch on London Underground approaches

On Tuesday 16 September millions of customers will be set for easier and more convenient journeys when Transport for London (TfL) introduces contactless payments on Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and National Rail services that accept Oyster.

The new option, which is part of a range of improvements TfL is making for customers, means that there will no longer be any need to spend time topping up Oyster balances because fares are charged directly to payment card accounts.

Contactless payment cards are debit, credit, charge or pre-paid cards which can be used to make quick, easy and secure payments for everyday purchases of £20 and under. There is no need for a PIN or a signature, just touch the card on the reader. This technology is becoming increasingly common, with half of Londoners already having a contactless card. If the card has the symbol pictured left, it means it can be used as a contactless card.

Contactless payments work in the same way as Oyster, charging customers an Adult-rate pay as you go fare when they touch in and out on readers at the start and end of every journey.

TfL continues to remind all customers about card clash - it is essential they only touch one card on the reader to avoid paying with a card they did not intend to pay with.

Shashi Verma, TfL’s Director of Customer Experience, said: “With the launch of contactless now a week away, customers can look forward to having an easier and more convenient way to pay for their travel, freeing them of the need to top up Oyster credit and helping them to get on board without delay. I would like to remind all of our customers to only touch one card on the reader to avoid paying with a card they did not intend to pay with. Contactless payments on our buses have already been a resounding success with over one million customers using their contactless payment card to pay their bus fare around 20 million times.”

Contactless payments were launched on London's buses in December 2012. Each day there are around 69,000 payments made using contactless on London Buses. In April 2014 a pilot of the contactless system started on the Tube and rail network involving around 5,000 customers. It was very successful and has helped to ensure everything is in place for the launch across transport in London.

Bus customers paying for their journeys with a contactless payment card are already benefitting from having their fares capped, automatically calculating the best value for their contactless travel in a day or over a seven-day period from Monday to Sunday. From 16 September customers using contactless on Tube, tram, DLR London Overground, and National Rail services can also benefit from daily and Monday to Sunday capping.

Contactless payments are available alongside Oyster for pay as you go customers. Oyster will continue to be available for those using concessionary or season tickets or who would prefer to continue paying for their travel this way.

September 9, 2014