London's Red Routes And Congestion Charge

Have your say on proposed changes to increase the penalty charge for drivers

image: TfL

Transport for London (TfL) have announced that they propose increasing the cost of a PCN both for failing to pay the Congestion Charge and contravening of the rules of the red route network. The consultation period ends on Friday 10th November.

TfL propose that the cost of a PCN should be increased to £160, an increase of £30. The opportunity to pay the PCN at a 50 per cent discount within 14 days will remain in place, with a discount to £80. Should the PCN not be paid or challenged within 28 days, the cost would increase to £240.

TfL would like to know your thoughts and have prepared a questionnaire they would like you to consider. TfL would like to know whether you think it might be possible to encourage road users to obey the rules of the road in any way other than increasing the cost of a PCN, or whether you believe that any particular group of road users would be unfairly disadvantaged by our proposal.

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September 12, 2017