Enjoying The Heatwave? Young Trees Aren't

Tree wardens renew request for residents to keep an eye out for thirsty young trees

The Wandsworth Tree Wardens Network is urging residents to keep an eye out for newly planted trees (yellow painted stakes) which may be wilting and suffering in the long hot dry spell.

What does the painted strip at the top of tree stake signify?
The coloured strip at the top of the tree stake identifies the year in which the tree was planted. Recent annual plantings are coloured coded as follows:
2011 – 2012
2013 – 2014
2012 – 2013
2014 – 2015

Wandsworth Tree Warden Mary-Claire Mason is calling for residents to help the new trees cope. She told this website: "Wandsworth Council outsources the annual planting of new trees across the borough. The tree planting contract includes the regular watering of new trees during the first 12 months after planting. During hot summers, however, the amount of watering provided by the contractor may not be sufficient to prevent the tree suffering acute distress and in some cases dying. It is best to water in the cool of the early morning or at night. Pour some water on the surface soil and also down the plastic watering pipe at the base of the tree – a goodly amount e.g. a gallon/5 litres or so."

July 24, 2018