48 Hour Tube Strike Suspended

Uniona say 'significant progress' has been made in talks

Industrial action planned for next week on London Underground has been suspended after what has been described as 'significant progress' in talks between unions and management.

The RMT had announced a strike from the evening of Tuesday 14th October to the evening of Thursday 16th October.

The union said they were striking due to a lack of progress in on-going talks over Transport for London's (TfL) plans to save £50 million per annum by closing ticket offices and reducing staffing at stations. It would have been the third in a series of strikes about this issue.

According to the RMT the talks have secured 'substantial' movement in three areas, enabling both the scheduled strike action and the on-going overtime ban to be suspended. Further consultation on the ticket office closures is to take place, the reduction in staffing posts is to be reduced further from the current 897 and the salary and location guarantee has been extended to all staff affected who have medical restrictions.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said, “The substantial improvements we have agreed allow us to move forwards but the Union’s core opposition to the austerity-led cuts on London Underground has not shifted an inch and we remain vigilant to further developments and their impact.”


October 9, 2014