Anger grows at burst water main chaos

Councillor blames Thames Water and Ealing Council

Local Lib Dem councillor Gary Malcolm slammed Thames Water and Ealing Council for not doing enough to prevent the water mains from bursting in the Acton High Street area. Residents in the Gloucester Road area have suffered particularly badly over the past year or so. They have had to put up with damage caused in four recent floods.

The mains burst of 27th October is another in long line of times this has happened. This burst has affected many residents in the Acton area as well as many in the W12 area of West London.

Local bus services are affected as well as many residents having to take quick action to reduce damage to their property. Cllr. Malcolm is saying that the council has done a very poor job of holding Thames Water to account and claims that they should be more proactive in getting them to maintain the pipes properly.

A Council spokesperson said, "The pipe infrastructure is the responsibility of Thames Water and whilst we work closely with them to improve conditions for residents, we do not accept responsibility for flooding caused by a burst pipe."

Cllr Malcolm, Lib Dem parliamentary spokesperson, said: “It is a scandal after so many burst water mains in the area that Thames Water have done nothing to prevent future bursts. Liberal Democrats have called, long ago, for them and the council to do more when mains burst. Many residents are left without water an no-one has explained to them why this has happened.”

He added: “This is an ongoing problem that the privatisation of our water service made worse. No-one seems to be looking to stop residents in Acton from suffering. Lib Dems call for tough action to stop Thames Water from getting away scot free.”

Thames Water have offered water to those they knew were most vulnerable but Cllr. Malcolm says he believes they did not contact the Council to ensure everybody who would need such assistance was catered for. Water has been dropped at a limited number of locations but these have been taken up so quickly that residents who arrived late found there was nothing left.

October 28, 2004


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