Fiona Twycross On The Fight To Keep The NHS

In an open letter from the London Assembly Member

Dear Editor,
This week the world celebrates 65 years of the National Health Service. We should be immensely proud of our NHS – it touches all our lives at some point. Admittedly, there are times when it makes us frustrated, but there are more occasions when we realise how lucky we are to have it.
The majority of us were born in an NHS hospital, we’ll have our babies in an NHS hospital and in our old age, the chances are they’ll provide care for us. We are all aware of the challenges the NHS faces in the future and the problems it is confronted with now - trolley waits in A&E, waiting times for operations, pressure from emergency admissions.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt called the NHS a “60-year-old mistake” but a poll this year revealed the truth to be the opposite - 37 per cent of Brits are most proud of the NHS above all other institutions. Across London, eight A&Es are earmarked for closure. If there was a time to fight to keep the NHS, this is it.


Fiona Twycross

Labour Londonwide Assembly Member


July 10, 2013