Respond To Info Request & Avoid A Knock On The Door

Make sure you don't lose your right to vote & get a fine

If you received a letter in July asking for more information to complete your voter registration, respond as soon as possible to avoid a visit from council staff.

Every registered elector was sent a letter about their voter registration, letting them know if they need to take action to register to vote under the new Individual Electoral Registration (IER) system.  Most residents did not need to take any action.

However some were required to provide more information. About 30,000 of these residents have yet to respond, meaning that the council will be sending staff out to visit these people over the next two months.

Residents who were required to respond can do so online at or alternatively complete the paper form they have been sent. Failure to respond to this request could result in an £80 fine. Responding now will also save council tax payers’ money.

Anyone who has recently moved should visit to register at their new address.  You will need to do this even if you have told the council about your move, as this does change your address on the electoral register. 

For more information visit or email

September 9, 2014