Council Leader Unveils New Cabinet

Two new faces promoted from the backbenches to serve as cabinet members

Top row left to right Cllr Kim Caddy, Cllr Jonathan Cook, Cllr Guy Humphries, Cllr Paul Ellis and Cllr Rory O’Broin. Bottom row left to right Cllr John Locker, Cllr Melanie Hampton, Cllr Will Sweet, Cllr Guy Senior and Cllr Steffi Sutters

A new line up of Wandsworth Council’s cabinet was endorsed last week at the annual council meeting. The changes see two new members join council leader Ravi Govindia and his cabinet team.

Cllr Melanie Hampton takes on the adult social care and health portfolio, while Cllr Will Sweet is now in charge of education and children services.

They replace Cllr Guy Senior and Cllr Sarah McDermott who now have new roles. The make up of the new cabinet is as follows:
Councillor Jonathan Cook - Deputy leader and cabinet member for economic development, skills and employment

Responsible for liaising with and supporting local businesses, including leading Wandsworth’s efforts to shape business rates reform and providing grants and other support to help local businesses grow and thrive. Cllr Cook will also lead the council’s work in promoting and supporting apprenticeships and other local training and employment opportunities, especially for young people. He will also be responsible for community safety which includes crime prevention and reduction.

Councillor Steffi Sutters – Cabinet member for community services & open spaces

Covering a wide range of responsibilities including recycling, waste collection, street cleaning, the management and maintenance of the borough’s parks and commons, provision of sports and leisure facilities, libraries, environmental protection issues, trading standards and consumer protection.

Councillor Melanie Hampton – Cabinet member for adult social care and health

Promoted into the cabinet to lead the council’s work in supporting elderly and vulnerable residents to ensure they receive high quality social care. The role also involves close partnership working with NHS providers and with neighbouring boroughs to ensure residents are able to access high quality community healthcare services.

Councillor John Locker – Cabinet member for communications

Responsible for the way the council communicates with local residents, ensuring not only that the council’s aims and ambitions are transparent and open to scrutiny by local people, but to also ensure that their concerns and aspirations are heard and addressed by senior council officers and cabinet members and that feedback provided by local people is acted upon.

Councillor Will Sweet – Cabinet member for education and children’s services

Promoted from chairman of the planning applications committee to cover all services relating to children and young people, including schools and educational standards, youth club provision and ensuring vulnerable children at risk of harm or neglect are supported and protected. The role also covers adoption and fostering services and supporting young care leavers making the transition from care to independent living.

Councillor Rory O’Broin - Finance and Corporate Resources

Responsible for all aspects of town hall financial management, including setting departmental budgets, scrutinising and challenging all departments to iron out waste and duplication and ensuring that all town hall assets are being used efficiently.

Councillor Kim Caddy - Housing and Regeneration

Covering the borough’s housing portfolio, ensuring that tenants and leaseholders living on council estates or in council-owned housing blocks continue to receive excellent housing services, that their homes are well maintained and managed, that repairs are dealt with swiftly and efficiently and that housing blocks meet the highest standards of cleanliness and safety. The role also includes supporting homeless people and ensuring they are provided with decent homes to live in.

Councillor Paul Ellis - Strategic Planning and Transportation

Overseeing policies on transport improvements and infrastructure, including roads, pavements and parking, along with the town hall’s liaison with organisations like the rail and bus companies and Transport for London (TfL). He is also responsible for updating and reviewing overall planning guidelines and policies on redevelopment in the borough, including identifying sites where new homes and other key community infrastructure should be provided.

Additional appointments include Councillor Guy Humphries as chairman of the planning applications committee, and Councillor Guy Senior as chairman of the regulatory licensing committee.

Cllr Govindia, pictured above, said: “I would like to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to the members of the cabinet who are stepping down from their current roles - Cllr Guy Senior and Cllr Sarah McDermott.

“Cllr Senior has been at the helm of the finance portfolio for eight years where he has done an exceptional job, including helping to transition to the shared staffing arrangement with Richmond Council which was a truly transformational piece of work.

“Cllr McDermott has provided stability and leadership to education and children’s services during a time of transition and change and has served the department with great commitment and diligence.”.

May 28, 2019