Which Is The Fittest Business In The Borough?

Putney Partnership teams up with Olympic champion Daley Thompson to find out

Take part in Wandsworth's Fitbiz 2016 competition and see if you are the fittest business! Each company can put in a team of 6 team members of which at least 2 have to be men. (Must be a mixed team) Training sessions will start from Monday 11th April with the competition taking place on 15th June 2016.

Training and the Final will be held at Daley’s new gym Daleyfitness in Putney. He has compiled 8 gym challenges that you and your team mates will take part in on 15th June to be crowned the FitBiz Champions 2016. All teams will be given a time table of training session that they can attend for free to practice for the event.

The challenges are:
* Rowing – how far can you go in metres within 3 minutes?
* Shuttle Runs – how many can you do within 1 min over 10 metres?
* Spin bike max watts – 3 attempts to produce the highest max output.
* Bench Press – Men 20KG Bar – Ladies 15KG Bar – how many reps in 1 min.
* Leg raises – How many reps in 1 min.
* Burpees – How many reps in 1 min?
* Press Ups – How many Reps in 1 min?

The winning business receives the title of FITBIZ champs 2016 and all 6 team members will receive free annual membership to Daleyfitness.

To take part email Steve Gutteridge - steve@daleyfitness.com.

March 24, 2016