Wandsworth PC's Christmas Mission

To give 600 children in the borough a Christmas present

Dear Residents and Associates of Wandsworth,

Christmas is just around the corner! It truly is the season to be jolly.

I always count myself lucky and privileged to have a loving family who I have spent every Christmas with back in my native Birmingham (and no, I no longer have an accent).

I am lucky. I know I am lucky.

There are so many young children out there who are not so lucky.

They do not get to experience Christmas the way I know it.
They do not spend the day surrounded by loving family.
They do not eat a huge Christmas dinner. They do not drink mulled wine (which being children they shouldn't anyway!).
They do not have the excitement of waking up in the morning and knowing there are gifts to exchange waiting for them under a decorated tree.

This year I have the honour of running the Metropolitan Police Christmas tree project for Wandsworth.

The project aims to supply a present to every child in care in the borough of Wandsworth, we have approximately 600 children on the list and I have made it my mission this year to get a gift to every single one of them! #nochildleftbehind

Last year we were able to supply a gift to all the children in care. Not only that, we had so many gifts left over we were able go to St Georges hospital paediatrics department and give gifts to all the children who were unlucky enough to be in hospital over the Christmas period!

I would be so grateful to the residents of Wandsworth if you would help me achieve this goal.
It is a very worthwhile project. Christmas is a time for giving, and I hope this project will give people a sense of pride and satisfaction while making a difference to someone else's life.

To help me out with this project and make a huge different to a disadvantaged child's life;
Please go to www.met.police.uk/christmastree to donate a gift to the project.

Once on the website you can register yourself and receive an email with the details of a child you have pledged to buy a gift for. You can then return this gift to the designated station allotted to you (most likely Lavender hill front office).

We are asking for the gifts to come unwrapped in Christmas themed gift bags.

I have made my pledge and will be buying a gift for a three year old girl… This might be one I’ll need some help with!

Best wishes to you all in the run up to the festive season,

PC Matt GITTINS 321ww
p.s. we will also be visiting St Georges hospital paediatrics department to give gifts to the children who are unlucky enough to be in hospital over the Christmas period.

December 6, 2017