Mayor Celebrates ‘Cosmopolitan Wandsworth’

New electoral data reveals the numbers of foreign nationals living in the borough

Wandsworth Mayor Cllr Richard Field has hailed the borough’s ‘cosmopolitan culture’ as new electoral data reveals the numbers of foreign nationals now choosing to make their home in the local area.

The electoral roll shows that British residents make up the vast majority of the local population at 182,000, followed by:

• Irish (6,000)
• Italians (4,500)
• Polish (3,900)
• French (3,200)
• Germans (2,200)
• Spanish (2,200)
• Australians (2,100),
• Portuguese (2,000)
• Pakistanis (1,645)

The figures only include residents who have registered to vote in Wandsworth, so total numbers will be higher and nationalities which do not qualify to vote in the
UK will not be counted.

Mayor Richard Field, pictured above, said: “This is a fascinating snapshot of the many nationalities which make up our fine mix of cosmopolitan culture. It’s certainly not a complete
picture, but it does highlight just how wonderfully diverse and multi-cultural the Brighter Borough really is.

“This diversity is Wandsworth’s greatest strength and I’m very proud to represent a borough in which so many different people get along and respect each other.”

March 22, 2017