Have You Returned Your Electoral Register Form?

All residents are required by law to respond

Household Enquiry Forms were sent to all Wandsworth households in July asking residents to update or confirm the information held on the electoral register.

This is part of the council’s annual electoral registration canvass to ensure that the electoral register is up to date.

It is a requirement by law to respond, even if there are no changes to make.

The council is reporting that "many" households have yet to respond so are likely to be visited by an electoral registration canvasser and could possibly face a fine of £1,000.

Responding promptly online using the security codes printed on the form is strongly recommended.

British, Irish, Commonwealth and European Union citizens are eligible to register to vote and must do so by law.

Registering to vote means you can have your say in elections and referendums, while being on the electoral register can also improve your credit score. 

An election or referendum can be called at any time, so it’s important for residents to keep their electoral registration details up to date.

Registering only takes five minutes with your National Insurance number and date of birth. Register to vote now.

Visit wandsworth.gov.uk/vote for more information


October 18, 2018