Another Fire On Putney Heath

Two fire teams put out the blaze - lack of rain means the Commons are like a tinderbox

Two fire engines were called on Tuesday (26th May) to put out a fire on Putney Heath. There were a similar event on 10th March.

The Wimbledon & Putney Commons Conservators (WPCC) tweeted pictures of the fire fighters and the damage caused:

A spokesperson for the WPCC told this website: "We don’t know what started it but grateful as ever to the London Fire Brigade."

It is against Section 13 of the Wimbledon & Putney Commons bye-laws to damge the commons by fire and you cannot have a BBQ on the Commons because The Commons are a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and a Special Area of Conservation (SAC). The former is because of the importance of our acid grassland and heathland. A stray spark can set dry grassland alight in seconds and vital habitat can be lost so quickly. In other areas, for example on Rushmere, barbeques can leave ugly burn scars on the grass. Any barbeques found by our staff will be doused with water and removed.

May 29, 2020