New Cycling Strategy For Wandsworth

Survey of borough's strengths and weaknesses underway

Wandsworth council is to map out a new cycling strategy.
Plans to develop a new and far-reaching strategy were endorsed at last week’s community services committee meeting.
Councillors agreed the first step would be a strategic review of all existing cycling facilities, policies and initiatives.  
A survey of the borough’s street network is also underway to identify the gaps, weaknesses and strengths in the existing cycling facilities.
The new cycling strategy would respond to this analysis and set out the vision for a better borough for cycling.
Deputy council leader Jonathan Cook said: "More and more people are embracing cycling in Wandsworth which is great news for our health, our overheated transport system and local air quality.
“This topic has moved steadily up the political agenda in recent years and there is already a great deal of work going on to promote cycling at a local and London-wide level. This includes our training and education programme as well as major developments like the introduction of two cycle super highways across Wandsworth and the extension of the Mayor’s cycle hire scheme.
“The time is now right to develop an overarching cycling strategy that joins up all of these activities and ensures every opportunity is fully explored. It would involve a partnership approach between several council departments, Transport for London and a range of community organisations and individuals.
“The first step will be a strategic review of existing cycling policies and projects as well as a thorough survey of the borough’s streets. This will give us a baseline upon which our new cycling strategy will look to improve.”
Key aims for the new cycling strategy would include:  
Setting the vision for a new and improved cycle network
Integrating the latest best practice design standards  
Fully integrate cycling within the transport system to reduce potential conflict with pedestrians, motorists or other road users
Make better use of data to target and attract potential cyclists  
Better coordination between the wide range of cycling initiatives and promotions currently underway across the borough and London
Census figures show the percentage of journeys to work taken by bike in Wandsworth has increased from 4.2 per cent in 2001 to 7.9 per cent in 2011.
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September 29, 2014