Wandsworth Votes NO To AV

Local results show big majority in favour of status quo

Local voting in the referendum has delivered a decisive 'no' to any changes in the electoral system. In what David Cameron said was a "clear and resounding answer" over two third of the vote nationally was in favour of maintaining the status quo.

Just over 1 million people in London voted with 60% of them saying no in a turnout of 35% of the electorate. The voting in the London Borough of Wandsworth was in line with London as a whole with 60.79% (46,737) voting no and 39.21% (30,152) voting yes. 77,039 of an electorate of 207,802 voted representing a turnout of 37.07% with 145 spoilt ballots.

Putney MP Justine Greening said
"It was really interesting to be at the count to see the referendum results come in, and it was very clear that our result locally was a resounding no, which mirrored that of the rest of the country."

She continued:
" It was an important referendum and I am pleased everyone has had a chance to have their say on our electoral system."

Putney resident and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg admitted the results were "a bitter blow" for Lib Dems but insisted his party would "pick ourselves up".


April 21, 2010

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