Mosaic Pupils Celebrate Passover & Easter

With a visit to the Seder table, hot cross buns and an Easter egg hunt

The children have been very busy over the last week preparing for the Jewish festival of Passover when they recount the story of the Jewish Exodus from Egypt. During the seder the children retold the story of how Moses lead the Jewish people to freedom from Pharaoh. They enjoyed lots of interesting symbolic foods like Matzo (unleavened bread), Maror - bitter herbs to remember the bitterness of slavery, Charoset - a mixture of apple, raisins and grape juice to symbolise the cement used to build the pyramids and beitzah - the roasted egg a symbol for Spring and life.

The children of the school which comprises 50% Jewish children and 50% children of other faiths, beliefs and none, have also been learning about Easter and enjoyed a visit to their local church, baking hot cross buns and taking part in a very popular Easter egg hunt.

Headteacher Kate Baum said:
"It has been a wonderful week for the children. We have enjoyed sharing a wide range of exciting, and for many children, new experiences across the religious spectrum. Passover and Easter are very special times for many of our pupils and their families and we have taken this opportunity to truly embrace our ethos of cross communal understanding and celebration."

Pupil Devin Kane thought:
"It was so much fun having a seder at school, the food was really yummy and hunting for Easter eggs in the playground was brilliant."

April 14, 2014