The 24 Books of Christmas

Local charity encourages families to get reading with a new book every day

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St Michael’s Church
71 Wimbledon Park Road
London SW18 5TT

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Learn2Love2Read is a small literacy charity working in partnership with Ronald Ross, Southmead and West Hill Primary schools. Providing teams of trained volunteers to work one-to-one with key stage 1 children, run termly family events and weekly Sounds, Songs and Stories sessions for parents and toddlers. They also run parent training courses for St Mary's Primary school in Putney.

Founder Teresa Harris with her favoured book

To encourage families to get reading in the lead up to and over Christmas the charity is running a 24 Books of Christmas series on their website. A new photograph each day will introduce someone connected with the work of the charity recommending a favourite children's book.

December 8, 2017