Nursery School Application Deadline Looms

Parents have until Friday, February 12th to submit applications

Parents who want their children to join a nursery class at a local primary school this September have until Friday, February 12th to submit their applications. To make an application for a nursery place parents need to apply directly to the schools of their choice. There is no limit on the number of schools a parent can apply to.

The places will be available this September and are aimed at children who were born between September 1st, 2012 and August 31st, 2013.

There are 50 council-run primary schools and three nursery schools in Wandsworth that offer nursery class places. There are also a number of independent nursery schools and others run by voluntary groups that parents can choose from.

Nursery classes in council-maintained schools are generally open between 9am and 3.15pm. Places for three and four-year-olds here are usually part-time up to 15 hours a week. Schools may offer these hours in differing patterns.
Nursery education in maintained schools is provided by fully qualified teachers, assisted by nursery practitioners qualified in childcare and education and teaching assistants.

Many maintained schools also provide before and after school childcare.

The council has produced a helpful brochure for parents containing a wealth of information about their various options for nursery education which can be downloaded from its website..

For more information, help and advice call the Family Information Service on (020) 8871 7899 or email or visit

January 22, 2016