The Race To Get Travel Plans In Place For 2012

It is not just the East End & City that need to think - the tennis is at Wimbledon!

Richard Tracey Assembly Member for Wandsworth & Merton is encouraging local companies to sign up for advice:
"This is vital travel and business guidance for Londoners in advance of next summer's Games. Locally, with the Olympic tennis at Wimbledon as well as commuters wanting to go about their working lives, we need to be well prepared."

For South West Londoners the following summarises what is currently predicted to happen without action by businesses to reduce the number of journeys:

Businesses of all sizes who wish to sign up for the free travel advice simply need to email or visit for more information and advice.

Currrently bankers, lawyers and retailers are leading the charge when it comes to preparing for the transport challenges posed by the London 2012 Games, according to new figures from London 2012 and Transport for London (TfL).  Employers are being urged to follow their lead by putting travel plans in place ahead of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Sixty one firms in the banking and finance sector, which represent over 180,000 employees have signed up for free Travel Advice for Business from dedicated London 2012 travel advisors, followed by 28 law firms (representing over 28,000 employees) and 13 retailers (over 20,000 employees).  Nine management consultants have also followed suit, representing over 29,000 employees alone.

However, with only one firm currently signed up in sectors including charities, manufacturing and telecoms, organisations in the third sector and across business are being urged to access the specialist support available and prepare for the Games.

In total, over 200 firms across London, which account for over 370,000 employees, have signed up for the travel advice sessions.  In the last six weeks alone, there has been a 100 per cent increase in sign-ups as firms begin to ramp up their preparations ahead of the Games.

The Site-Specific Advice (SSA) programme is available to firms located in an area affected by the Games and that employ over 200 staff.  The free one-to-one travel advice sessions help organisations plan for next summer, when increased demand caused by the Games will see transport networks severely affected and much busier than usual.  Run by London 2012 and TfL, the sessions cover:

  • Optimising deliveries, servicing and freight;
  • Planning staff business travel during busy periods;
  • Forecasting customer and visitor movements during the Games;
  • Tips to help firms maintain service continuity;
  • Sharing best practice: assessing what firms are already doing.

The SSA sessions form part of a free Travel Advice for Business support package to help British businesses run smoothly in the run up to, and during, the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  In addition to SSA, the package consists of 50 travel advice workshops for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).  Furthermore, over 100 one-to-one sessions are available for multisite businesses, which include retail outlets and restaurant chains.


Hugh Sumner, Director of Transport for the Olympic Delivery Authority, said:
“We have seen strong interest in Site Specific Advice from London’s big business community, which bodes well for their ability to cope with the impact on day three and through the Games.  The banking and finance sector has been especially responsive.  With just a year to go until the Games, I urge all businesses, big and small, to visit the website, see if they’re affected and plan ahead to keep on running during the summer of 2012.”

July 26, 2011