Super-Sewer’s Route Through Wandsworth SW18

Thames Tunnel Consultation launches as local sites are revealed

The multi-billion project to reduce sewage overflow into the Thames will involve construction in three sites in SW18. The consultation documents were released yesterday and details of the proposed ‘preferred’ and ‘shortlisted’ sites for are below.

In their consultation document Thames Water states:
"We need a significant number of sites in order to construct the Thames Tunnel project. Large ‘shaft sites’ are required at certain points along the route to allow the construction of the main tunnel. Smaller ‘CSO sites’ are also required near each of the most polluting CSOs to connect them to the main tunnel."
SW18 sites: 
Jews Row and Swandon Way 
, end of Jews Row near Wandsworth Bridge (shortlisted site)
This site in the foreshore would place the main construction works immediately next to a large residential development and the Ship public house. The process of intercepting the sewer would also be lengthier and more complex than that associated with the land-based work at the preferred site.

Open space off Old York Road, Swandon Way (shortlisted site)
This site is a public park and its use would require the temporary loss of a large proportion of the park, including the area currently used as the children’s playground. The use of this site would require deep excavations and sinking a shaft near an elevated railway line. The use of the site would require the construction of a temporary access route through the park to Old York Road. This would add to the
detrimental effect of construction upon the park area.

Jews Row (preferred site)
Thames Water’s preferred site for connecting the two local CSOs to the proposed main tunnel is within the compound of the concrete plant at Piers Terrace, off Jews Row. Use of this site appears likely to have less impact on residential developments and the local community than either of the possible alternatives identified. The use of the concrete batching plant would maximise the separation between the majority of construction works and the residential properties in Riverside West. The site would also avoid the requirements to work within the public park off Swandon Way. By locating the majority of the construction works on land, the extent and duration
of any construction works would be minimised. Use of the site would be designed in such a way that the future use of this safeguarded wharf is protected.
Bell Lane Creek and Dormay Street

London Borough of Wandsworth Maintenance Depot, Dormay Street (shortlisted site)
The site forms part of the Frogmore Complex and is currently used by the London Borough of Wandsworth as a maintenance depot. The site is bounded by Dormay Street to the east and Frogmore to the west. The north of the site is bounded by Bell Lane Creek. This site was not selected as our preferred location because of the large number of people who currently work there and are likely to be impacted by its use and the difficulty associated with the relocation of the local authority depot function. The site also has no significant advantages, when compared to the preferred site, in terms of potential impacts on local residents.

Bell Lane Creek (preferred site)
Thames Water identified the business site on Frogmore, currently occupied by Panorama Antennas, as its preferred location. This site is located on the Frogmore Complex which is made up of various business units with associated loading/unloading areas and car parking. It is bounded by Dormay Street to the east and Frogmore to the west. The south of the site backs onto a business unit on Dormay Street and the north of the site is bounded by a local authority maintenance depot. While the use of this site would require the relocation of the Panorama Antennas business and demolition of the existing buildings, it is anticipated that the number of people likely to be directly affected would be less than if the alternative, a maintenance depot used by the London Borough of Wandsworth, is used. Panorama Antennas employs significantly fewer people than the maintenance depot and may be easier to relocate within the area.
King Georges Park and Broomhill Road
Car park off Broomhill Road, to rear of flats facing onto Buckhold Road (shortlisted site)
This site would occupy the car park of Park View Court. Park View Court consists of 60 residential apartments, which overlook the car park as well as facing onto Buckhold Road and King George’s Park. Use of this site could cause disturbance to residents of Park View Court due to the closeness of the works and loss of car parking. This site is also a long way from the CSO, so additional work sites would be needed in Broomhill Road, which in turn could impact on traffic in the area.

King George’s Park (preferred site)
Thames Water has identified the northern part of King George’s Park, next to the entrance from Buckhold Road, as its preferred work site. Its use would have less impact on local residents than the other site we considered. This site in King George’s Park is further away from residential properties, helping to minimize detrimental impacts and making it easier to introduce mitigation and control measures. The route of the existing CSO pipework is beneath the northern part of the park, making it easier to access. Use of part of the park also avoids the need for significant works in Broomhill Road and Buckhold Road, which would be required if the alternative private car park site were used.
While the temporary loss of a section of King George’s Park may impact on park users, the majority of the park would remain in use. The use of this site also avoids potential disruption and the loss of private parking that would be caused by working closer to the adjoining flats at Park View Court.
The Thames Tunnel will be one of the largest ever construction projects in the capital. To have your say go to or attend the Wandsworth Public Exhibition below

September 10, 2010

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