Introducing The LikeMinded Mums Club

For curious, open, real women to share experiences about the rollercoaster journey through motherhood

Gemma Vickers, 39, was struggling to always stay positive with two kids under 2 - she felt like she’d lost her identity and was finding it hard to connect with other mums in the same boat.

She was told she’d have to wait three months for support from the NHS so she took matters into her own hands and approached local life coach Hana Manthorpe of The Mental Movement. Together they decided to set up a group that would give mums a space to share openly and honestly about their rollercoaster journey through motherhood.

The first LikeMinded Mums Club was hosted by Gem and Hana on April 16th and they were delighted when 12 very real women turned up (importantly without their kids!) to share their experiences around a table in a private room very kindly made available by local Wandsworth pub, The Cat’s Back.

Gemma says, “Setting up The LikeMinded Mums Club has really helped me. It’s such a supportive environment and feels like taking a couple of hours out of my crazy mum life to have a big group hug.”

The LMMC, as it’s fondly known, now meets fortnightly on a Monday evening and many of those original 12 still regularly attend.

Each meeting begins with an opportunity for every mum to honestly answer the question “How are you?” and so often the very real responses evoke laughter, tears and an awful lot of “Me too”.

Once everyone has had their chance to speak up, Hana leads the group in a discussion around a topic that encourages them to get curious about the way that they think and helps them discover some new skills to take back into their busy lives.

Hana says, “Becoming a mum often changes so much more than women expect and then they find there’s nowhere to talk about it all without fear of being judged.”

The LikeMinded Mums Club can be found on Facebook and Instagram @likemindedmums. Tickets are sold for just £10 on Eventbrite and the next meeting also features local insta-mum Christina Pickworth who will share her story about what it's been like to start and grow a small business while juggling her crazy life as a mum on Monday 25th June, 7.30-9pm at The Cat’s Back, 86-88 Point Pleasant, London SW18 1NN.

June 14, 2018