One Mans Campaign To Raise Funds For The Royal Hospital For Neuro-disability

Actions speak louder than words and his deserve your pounds!

Some people wear their heart on their sleeves but Fabien Frances not only does this but the name of his love on his leg!  Fabien told PutneySW15 that he ran the London Marathon in 4hrs 59mins and 4 seconds because:
" The Love of my life Jacqueline is at The Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability in Putney after suffering a brain haemorrhage in June 2010.  It's a long haul but we are all hoping for the best and praying along the way."

He continued:
" I trained since November for running the London Marathon in April 2011 and I am fundraising for the Royal Hospital for Neuro-Disability which is an amazing place that helps people to recover after a brain injury."

Friends made along the way:

His memories of the marathon:
"... a constant cheering and encouragement by the crowd along the race. You're not alone at all, and you can talk with other runners, cheering each other’s and still running.  Miles are miles, and you're counting down after each big red arch, 5 miles mean 21 miles left... It's hard at this step, a bit harder when you see 13 miles and you know it's the same to come. At this step we have just crossing the Tower Bridge; it's just amazing the way we are running in the middle of London, roads closed and so free to run in the middle of place you have seen crowded with cars and buses......"

Fabien outside the RHN

"The Royal Hospital provides specialist assessment and multidisciplinary clinical rehabilitation services which transform the independence, confidence, dignity, and quality of life for patients with brain injury and neurological diseases. The Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability is not funded by the NHS, and relies heavily on voluntary donations, from people like us, to continue its unique work."

But the London Marathon is not enough for Fabien:
"I am now training for the New York Marathon in November 2011, I will also do a bungee jump in June with my friend Mike, and a parachute jump in July or September with Andrew, Jacqueline's brother."

The parachute jump will be in Yorkshire and was chosen by Andrew as he is scared of heights and this will be a great challenge for him.  In addition Fabien is running the Great Eastern Run in October and plans to do the Great North Run in September.  Dedication such as this deserves sponsorship - if you can please sponsor Fabien and follow the trials & tribulations of his training and challenges on his blog both he and the hospital deserve to beat his target.

April 21, 2010