Next Opportunity to Quiz The Council

East Putney ward hosts next 'Let's Talk' session

Residents living in East Putney ward will be able to quiz their locally elected representatives and senior council managers and deliver their verdicts on a range of public services at special feedback meeting later this month.

The latest ‘Let’s Talk’ session is being held on Tuesday, February 24 and all residents of East Putney ward can attend to highlight local issues of concern or suggest improvements to any of the borough’s public services.

Topics commonly raised at these meetings include parking, recycling, schools, policing, public transport and the NHS.

Important issues identified by the ward’s three elected councillors that might be raised include ongoing concerns about Heathrow expansion and the noise threat this poses, the slow pace of long-promised improvements at Putney Station and new thinking on ways of cutting town hall bureaucracy and protecting frontline services.

The meeting will be chaired by local ward councillor and leader of Wandsworth Council Ravi Govindia and he will be joined by his fellow ward councillors Leslie McDonnell and George Crivelli plus the leader of the opposition Rex Osborn.

Senior officers from all the main town hall services will also be on hand to answer questions from the audience, address locally identified concerns and take on board suggestions for service improvements.

The meeting is being held at West Hill Baptist Church in Haldon Road from 7.30pm on February 24.

People who are unable to attend can submit questions in advance via the council’s website at A summary of the issues raised by residents will be posted on these web pages after the meeting.

People with a disability who require support or assistance to attend should call Gareth Jones on (020) 8871 7520 or email

February 12, 2015